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A Quick Note on Venue Access

Once in a great while, I go to concerts. Here’s what the experience of actually getting to the concert venue is like. For the record: the venues themselves and the shows played therein were all excellent. Sydney Opera House, Sydney, … Continue reading

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A List

I’ve got a serious case of Mapper’s Block, so let’s list the rapid transit stations that can get away with having park-n-ride lots. Any station with a park-n-ride facility not listed here would be better served by replacing the lot … Continue reading

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Three Things Make A Post

Or: reactions to things I’ve been seeing on Twitter this past week that demand something other than a Twitter-length response. 1. Lisa Schweitzer made a post about Measure S in LA and how a particular argument from the YIMBY folks … Continue reading

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BART Fare Map

It’s three in the morning and I can’t sleep, so I drew this. Partially because BART could use one of these, as its fare structure is distance-based and not zone-based, and partially because depicting the BART lines as fanning out … Continue reading

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RER C Strip Map with Station Numbering

Max Roberts is perhaps unique amongst transit map people in that he does not like the Paris Metro map. Like someone glued a bunch of popsicle sticks together, he describes it.* What’s interesting is he also says that, thanks to … Continue reading

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New York Subway Station Numbering System

The DC Metro station numbering map gave me ideas. Done in strip map style because (a) the MTA’s in-house strip map design looks cool, and (b) I would rather get hit by a car than draw the full NYC subway … Continue reading

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The Problem with the Las Vegas Monorail, Rendered Condescendingly in Several Bullets

It’s not legitimate mass transit. It’s an extension of an inter-casino shuttle. Their primary market is casino tourists. Vegas has tons of shuttles like that. When I was there in ’07 I rode the one connecting Mandalay Bay to Excalibur. … Continue reading

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