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So There’s A Post This Month

1. I’m going to Indianapolis in early July, mostly for Popcon (first fandom con in five years, it’s been too long) but also just to pootle around the city for a few days. I lived northeast of Indy for a … Continue reading

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A Quick Note on Venue Access

Once in a great while, I go to concerts. Here’s what the experience of actually getting to the concert venue is like. For the record: the venues themselves and the shows played therein were all excellent. Sydney Opera House, Sydney, … Continue reading

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A List

I’ve got a serious case of Mapper’s Block, so let’s list the rapid transit stations that can get away with having park-n-ride lots. Any station with a park-n-ride facility not listed here would be better served by replacing the lot … Continue reading

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Three Things Make A Post

Or: reactions to things I’ve been seeing on Twitter this past week that demand something other than a Twitter-length response. 1. Lisa Schweitzer made a post about Measure S in LA and how a particular argument from the YIMBY folks … Continue reading

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BART Fare Map

It’s three in the morning and I can’t sleep, so I drew this. Partially because BART could use one of these, as its fare structure is distance-based and not zone-based, and partially because depicting the BART lines as fanning out … Continue reading

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RER C Strip Map with Station Numbering

Max Roberts is perhaps unique amongst transit map people in that he does not like the Paris Metro map. Like someone glued a bunch of popsicle sticks together, he describes it.* What’s interesting is he also says that, thanks to … Continue reading

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New York Subway Station Numbering System

The DC Metro station numbering map gave me ideas. Done in strip map style because (a) the MTA’s in-house strip map design looks cool, and (b) I would rather get hit by a car than draw the full NYC subway … Continue reading

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