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Omfattandestad Airport Wayfinding

Many years ago when I did a whole bunch of maps about the Koana Islands, I also worked off-and-on on a wayfinding system for the country’s main international airport. This airport has an extraordinarily complicated passenger traffic circulation system because … Continue reading

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Louisville Metro/Suburban Rail Map

So while I was working on the Texas map I thought to myself, self, you’ve been digging SB Nation’s history of the Mariners, what if you drew a map in the general style of a Jon Bois infographic? And Jon’s … Continue reading

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San Antonio-Austin S-Bahn

Here’s the result of the Texas poll I did a while back, a little crayon thingy of a S-Bahn network (because the area had a lot of German immigrants, see) for San Antonio and Austin. I originally wanted to do … Continue reading

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Ireland Rail Map

Here’s a map of Ireland that speculates what would have happened if so many of the railways weren’t closed, based off the infamous 1906 railway map and whichever lines had maps on Wikipedia. Also includes the following flights of fancy: … Continue reading

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Brisbane Tram Map

Wanted to draw something to see how Brisbane’s tram network would look if it (a) stuck around and (b) was integrated into the busway network, and the result was something like a German stadtbahn. (Hence why the color scheme was … Continue reading

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Sacramento Crayon Map

[Housekeeping: I spent most of October writing a big ugly piece about the Nostalgia Critic and his review of The Wall because it irritated me just that much. Please read and validate my suffering. First part is here, there’s a … Continue reading

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California HSR Strip Map

Hello. This is the first map I’ve managed to get done in a while that wasn’t stillborn. Mea culpa. This is a crayoney strip map of the California HSR project. We might see the central spine completed before climate change … Continue reading

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