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Repeating Myself

The logic goes something like this: I say “my YIMBYism will center renters or it will be BS” because renters, esp in cities w/ severe housing crises, are precarious. Some moreso than others, but I believe this statement is generally … Continue reading

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Several More Things Make A Post

1. I’m working on the LA map, honest. 2. Anybody who knows King of Prussia knows that Phillymag piece breathlessly lauding the pleasant town-centerey redevelopment of that golf course as proof KoP is finally, finally getting a soul is complete … Continue reading

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Bread and Circuses

Later on in deconstructing Saturday (spoiler alert!), I’ll be using “Look at those iPods!” as a chorus for how the book marvels over things like innovation in science and technology whilst ignoring or minimizing stuff like institutionalized disenfranchisement of the … Continue reading

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AKA Codswallop

Yes, white “rationalists,” tell me more about your Enlightenment values: In a recent BBC report on homosexual Muslims in the UK, one interviewee described an experience she had at a gay pride rally. She says, “There was an occasion at … Continue reading

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