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Thirty Things Make A Post That Has Nothing To Do With Maps

Fifteen Unpopular Opinions Examples of The Trains Running On Time should come from Switzerland instead of Japan. Moana is just okay, and is the kind of movie we’ll regard as howlingly racist in twenty years’ time. European urbanism is overrated, … Continue reading

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So There’s A Post This Month

1. I’m going to Indianapolis in early July, mostly for Popcon (first fandom con in five years, it’s been too long) but also just to pootle around the city for a few days. I lived northeast of Indy for a … Continue reading

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A Tale of Misery, Woe, and Elusive Contactless Farecards

Last month, I went down to Philly for the day. This isn’t exciting in and of itself—I live in the suburbs, so I go to Philly fairly often—except most of the time I wash up somewhere in Center City, so … Continue reading

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My Summer

Hello hi I’m in Indiana once again and my summer plans have finally coalesced. Obviously, the Big Looming Thing soakin’ up all my time is that move to Anderson. (Provided, of course, I can find a place there.) It’s waaaay … Continue reading

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You Lower the IQ of the Whole Street

I. ‘Twixt Daleville and Chesterfield It’s the lull before the storm. Tomorrow, the plan-making & general getting-everything-sorted-ening for the summer (& fall) begin in earnest. Now, though, I can take stock of what’s soon going to happen. Two big things … Continue reading

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Hello March

More notes, since that’s all I have time for lately: I recently finished an alternate-history map of the British Isles that posits what would have happened if the Norman Invasion just went a little bit wrong. (Long story short: a … Continue reading

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So I’m Back

How was the trip, you ask? Well, while I was in Indianapolis I discovered that the Amtrak station had free internet, and things spiraled out of control from there. Read here, then here. There’s a huge gap in the middle … Continue reading

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