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Hankyu Takarazuka Line Strip Map

Well, I mean, the series would be incomplete if I hadn’t done this one, too. These are fun. Might do another one with a different system at some point.

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Hankyu Kobe Line Strip Map

A companion map for the last thing. Not really a whole lot to say beyond that.

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Hankyu Kyoto Line Strip Map

A quick one I ripped out over the weekend. I don’t plan on redoing the big Osaka map from three years ago anytime soon, largely because I firmly believe I could live a long, full, happy life if I never … Continue reading

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Kansai Regional Rail

My first serious experiment with Curved Lines, a la the Ile-de-France map. Perhaps next time I’ll develop a consistent hierarchy, like the thicker & more prominent lines have wider curves or something. Perhaps that’ll work better. I find myself having … Continue reading

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