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Philadelphia Subway Crayon

Goodness. I speculate I’ll be gone for two months and then I post two maps in two weeks. Anyway, here’s crayon of the Philly subway, a network which always seemed infuriatingly half-finished for some reason. This is based off the … Continue reading

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St Petersburg Metro, Soviet Style

Felt like doing something in the style of that really neat 1980 Moscow Metro map where all the lines are ramrod-straight, so why not see what happens with Russia’s other really complex metro system? Fun fact, the lines on the … Continue reading

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Baltimore Metro, Again

I cannot articulate in enough detail precisely how badly Baltimore screwed up building its Metro/LRT system. The original plan from the 1960s is incredible. We can quibble about some of the details, but it had good bones and would have … Continue reading

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SF/NorCal Crayon Updated Sketch

Here’s something that’s been brewing in my head for a long time (mostly thanks to the Greater Marin’s critique but also thanks to some recent developments in official crayon of the area): what would be the service patterns on my … Continue reading

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Amsterdam Metro Map

Here’s a map of the Amsterdam Metro, released when all of us transit map people were seized with an urge to draw the Amsterdam Metro. I genuinely dislike mapping the Amsterdam Metro. Here’s why: Thanks to only ever being half-finished … Continue reading

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Baltimore RER Line 1 Strip Map

This is a thing based off that Baltimore RER crayon map I did a long time ago, which I wanted to update for a long time because (a) the crayon I have in mind for the Baltimore-Washington area looks substantially … Continue reading

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Hankyu Takarazuka Line Strip Map

Well, I mean, the series would be incomplete if I hadn’t done this one, too. These are fun. Might do another one with a different system at some point.

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