Current Transit Map Longlist

Happy May Day. The appropriate reaction to the US shunting our May Day off to the first Monday in September is to declare that we have two May Days. But really, every day should be May Day. Anyway.

The issues I’m having with my external hard drive are on their way to being resolved, but I still have a backlog, and also this thing where I have an interest in working on something for like…a few days, but never long enough to actually finish it. So I’m giving youse a menu. My next map is likely to be one of the following, alphabetized by city or region:

  • Crayon of a metro/suburban rail network for Albuquerque, New Mexico. (This is dependent on me fully sorting out what a NM regionalbahn looks like, and might come out concurrent with the premiere of Better Call Saul’s final season next year.)
  • Crayon of an Atlantic City El.
  • Updated crayon of the Boston T, focusing on the subway and Stadtbahn.
  • Updated crayon of the Chicago L, or at least a strip map of one of its constituent parts.
  • The entire Danish railway network.
  • Crayon of a metro system for Detroit.
  • The suburban rail network in Edinburgh and Glasgow.
  • Crayon of a Stadtbahn/interurban system in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  • A map of the TER network for a random region in France. Not sure which one yet.
  • The entire German regionalbahn network.
  • A map of the Hamburg U- and S-Bahn.
  • Crayon of a Metro and possibly suburban rail network for Hartford, Connecticut.
  • The regionalbahn network for Hesse state in Germany, all on one map instead of split into separate maps centered on Kassel, Frankfurt, and Mannheim.
  • Crayon of a Stadtbahn/interurban system for Indianapolis.
  • A wayfinding system for the rail network in Kansai. (The holdup here is mostly wanting to have everything not just in Japanese and English but also Korean and Chinese.)
  • The entire Korean railway network. (More than a bit worried about future-proofing with this one.)
  • The rapid transit system in Kuala Lumpur, with a revamped station numbering system.
  • A map of all rail services on Kyushu. (This is dependent on what Wesley Chan does with his all-Japan map.)
  • Crayon of a streetcar/interurban system in Lafayette, Indiana.
  • Crayon of a suburban rail network for Montreal.
  • Crayon of a rapid transit system for New Jersey. (This one might be dependent on me getting my claws on an exhaustive (and I mean exhaustive) rundown of the old Public Service network. Also, because I’m a bit sore about that one PATH map always going around, I’ve deemphasized extending PATH further into NYC this time around, because capacity constraints mean the Astor Place branch is a no-go, and there’s not enough space for extending either of the existing lines past 33 St or WTC.)
  • Strip map of a properly built-out Second Avenue Subway in New York, hooked into a completed IND Second System.
  • A regionalbahn network for the state of Ohio. (This’d just be lines crudely drawn over the 1924 Rand McNally map of the state, similar to the ones I’ve done for New England/NY/PA/MD/DE/VA/MI/IN/ON/QC/the Maritimes.)
  • Crayon of a regional rail system for Prince Edward Island.
  • That crayon of Portland, Maine that I still owe you lovely folks.
  • Crayon of a suburban rail system for the state of Rhode Island.
  • Crayon of an expanded Muni Metro system in San Francisco.
  • Crayon of a modernized Peninsular Railway system in San Jose, California.
  • The entire Swiss railway network.
  • Crayon of a suburban rail network for Toronto.
  • A very blasphemous map of the Toronto subway, done in a similar Vignelli-esque style to the one I already drew for Montreal.
  • Updated crayon of the Washington Metro, done in the same style as my Baltimore Metro map.

That’s about it. I may get to most of these, I may get to none of these, this is just what’s on the brain at the moment. I am also exploring options for streaming me working on these bad boys, if anyone’s interested in that, but also keep in mind that Ted’s Transit Map Stream is in the same weird endless-study limbo as Gateway in NY/NJ or the Ontario Line in Toronto, so who knows if I’ll ever get off my @$$ and make it happen for real.

Also while I have you on the horn, if you live in a state where there’s anti-trans legislation being considered, please do your trans and nonbinary friends a favor and yell and scream and [redacted, in Minecraft] all relevant elected representatives. Do whatever you need to to avoid having to say you’re sorry later, because this enby at least is getting real sick of hearing that from people.

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