Sacramento Crayon Map

sacramento crayon with straight d line


[Housekeeping: I spent most of October writing a big ugly piece about the Nostalgia Critic and his review of The Wall because it irritated me just that much. Please read and validate my suffering. First part is here, there’s a link to the next part at the bottom.]

Here’s crayon of the old, surprisingly extensive interurban system that used to radiate out of Sacramento. More geographically accurate in the center around Sac itself, deliberately compressed and distorted up toward Chico and down toward SF and the Central Valley. This is probably one of the most distorted transit maps of the Bay Area ever made (although a bunch of really old streetcar maps of Oakland (e.g.) do the same thing IIRC, so it’s not like there isn’t precedent).

Given how the upper and lower portions of the map still manage (I think) to be legible even though the stations are spaced very closely together, this one’s made me seriously think about how I use space in my maps and what I can do to use space more efficiently.

Should probably also note that interurban flag stops don’t necessarily carry a negative low-ridership connotation with me because whenever I go to Philly I take the NHSL, whose entire route is flag stops, and that’s the sole reason it can legitimately call itself a high speed line.

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