Philadelphia Subway Crayon

philadelphia subway

Something something Rocky’s house from here.

Goodness. I speculate I’ll be gone for two months and then I post two maps in two weeks. Anyway, here’s crayon of the Philly subway, a network which always seemed infuriatingly half-finished for some reason. This is based off the old A Merritt Taylor long-term rapid transit plan from 1913, but which the loops removed and what’s left tweaked to facilitate crosstown service because loops are dumb and grids are good. Also the Ridge Spur was folded into the Chestnut Hill trunk lines because the Ridge Spur is dumb too.

Pretty much the only viable parts of this thing here are the BSL extensions to Roosevelt Boulevard—although probably not to the point of completely absorbing that fancy Frankford-Neshaminy bus service—and maybe the Navy Yard. We can talk about converting the Chestnut Hill lines to rapid transit once they get rapid transit level frequencies.

Oh yes: the new frequency map SEPTA’s rolling out now looks pretty good. Some of the curves, especially the more sweeping ones, look kind of funny, but it’s still substantially better than the map they’ve been using.

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