SF/NorCal Crayon Updated Sketch

sf bay area map new service patterns

Here’s something that’s been brewing in my head for a long time (mostly thanks to the Greater Marin’s critique but also thanks to some recent developments in official crayon of the area): what would be the service patterns on my old 2016 San Francisco Bay Area crayon map if the North Bay lines were more…integrated to the wider network? So, because I’m unlikely to redraw that map anytime soon, here’s a sketch of what I tentatively came up with. Notes, with the full knowledge that this will seem very inside-baseball to anyone not familiar with the original 2016 map:

  • Two of the three lines from Vallejo (31, 32, 33) run down the East Bay because I dimly recall something about that being where most commuters from Vallejo work.
  • Of the four lines on the SMART corridor (41 through 44), only the long-distance one (44) runs over a new Richmond-San Rafael bridge for several reasons: (1) Sending lines 41 and 42 over the bridge constitutes a substantial detour for anyone using them to get to SF, and they’re honestly unrealistic enough as it is, (2) I like to pretend that local service (e.g. line 43) between San Rafael and Tiburon a la the old Marin interurbans pencils in some small capacity in this world, and (3) the stretch of track between Richmond and Oakland is stuffed enough as it is (eight services now instead of four previously). The idea for train tracks on the 580 bridge comes mainly from Matthew Lewis and Brian Stokle.
  • That said, I did send the RE26 regional line, which previously stopped at the Sausalito ferry terminal, over the bridge to Richmond and Oakland, so it wasn’t isolated from the rest of the state regional network anymore.
  • This isn’t shown here, but the BART C line, which on the 2016 map ran to Vista del Mar on SF’s oceanfront, now runs over the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin, where it runs as an express service complementing the interurbans (lines 51 through 53) to San Rafael and Novato, like on the old 1960s BART maps. The Geary subway that exists in my head is now four-track, with BART running express on the inner tracks that branches off to the Presidio and Marin, and Muni running local on the outer tracks that run to Vista del Mar. I’ve got a whole separate map brewing of a citywide Muni subway network, but God only knows when I’ll get to it.
  • Line 24 (the ACE corridor) has been extended to Sacramento and given a complementary service, line 27, that runs to Merced, reflecting the current twinkle-in-pols’-eye expansion plans for the ACE network, as shown on CalUrbanist’s Bay Area 2030 map. (The Valley Link in this world really would be a BART extension to Livermore hooking up with lines 13, 24, and 27, if only because a three-seat ride from Stockton to SF via BART is ridiculous.)
  • As lines 11 through 14 were absorbed by various North Bay services, the remaining SF Peninsula lines, 15 through 17, were renumbered 11 through 13 and otherwise left unchanged. I’m seriously considering hooking them up with lines 41 through 43 at Tiburon via an underwater tunnel. I only balk because that tunnel would be roughly twice the length of the Transbay Tube…but oh, the idea of a one-seat ride from Marin to Santa Cruz through downtown SF is so very appealing.

Just a thought, till the day when it’s no longer a thought and becomes instead an actual map, whenever that would be.

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