Ottawa-Gatineau Rapid Transit

ottawa rail map

Whaddaya think?

A crayon map for Canada’s capital. Notes:

  • The route of the Confederation Line here is not quite what’s actually getting built. It’s faithful to the actual route (albeit slightly extended) from the west up to Cleary station, whereupon it takes a slightly more southern route along Richmond Rd and Wellington Rd until it hits Bayview. (The meatspace route is during this time is followed by the Macdonald Line.) The Confederation Line deviates again east of Montréal Gloucester, where it follows St Joseph Blvd through Orléans while the Gréber Line takes over the actual route on the Queensway.
  • I switched the Trillium Line over to the suburban rail network because it uses suburban rail rolling stock and better justifies my running a parallel LRT line along Bank Street…where it probably should have gone to begin with.
  • Most of the more explicitly crayon-ey aspects of the O-Train network (the Gatineau and River Lines and the extensions to the Confederation Line) are just existing Transitway and Rapibus lines converted to light rail…which was frustrating when the Tranitway parallels an infinitely better north-south or east-west alignment (cf., again, Bank Street).
  • The design language is ganked from the Barcelona Metro…and is the sort of thing which, as I’ve learned, lends itself well to messiness. Uh oh.
  • Thanks to Richard Archambault for help with the French!
  • My kingdom for a translucent holographic SVG layer. 😉

I’m not sure when I’m gonna do another map poll, because this one was a pain to draw and I’m gonna be busy till the end of the year, but hopefully there’ll be another one in the next few months.


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