Montreal Metro Abomination

montreal metro vignelli

My mom likes it.

I’m suffering from mapper’s block (that’s a term now) with the Ottawa thing I owe you, so I made this instead. You can thank the newest iteration of the official map for bringing this monstrosity into the world; the big thing I noticed about that one in particular was how aggressively evenly spaced the stations were, like they were dots on an imaginary grid. Thus, the general design language of Vignelli’s old sketches for the DC Metro map, via Cam Booth’s lovely hexalinear reconstruction of same, this time ported to a completely different city with a beautiful map of its own.

So naturally this meant deliberately ignoring everything that made the Montreal Metro map iconic—the tilt, the black background, the thick route lines—in favor of something that looks like it was constructed on a pegboard. I still like to think it has a certain charm on its own, though.

I might abstract the design language a bit more and inflict it on another city someday…

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