Modesto Rapid Transit

modesto rapid transit

For Emily.

Back in June, when I did the California make-me-crayon-a-map poll, I had my own ideas about which map would produce the most interesting network, and, well, here we are.

Lines K, M, and N are on the old Tidewater Southern Interurban, while Line L runs on the Modesto & Empire. It’s not super-visible on the map, but the suburban/regional rail service patterns are pretty much identical to what’s shown on the old Bay Area map from 2016, which I would really like to redo someday to show through service from SF and a few other places.

Like all these little crayon maps, I obviously don’t think the city could actually support a rapid transit system this size, but I like to think Lines A-G and L could form a halfway decent BRT/high-frequency network.

Next map will be Canadian. Poll either tonight or tomorrow.

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