Lagos Metro Main Line Strip Map

lagos metro north-south line strip map

Standing on the shoulders of giants.

This is a strip map of one of the lines in Alon Levy’s spectacular Lagos Metro crayon map, which I’ve wanted to do a proper map of basically since it came out but haven’t been able to come up with a design language that works for it. This thing is, obviously, in the style of Oran Viriyincy’s future map of Bangkok and the shiny new official map of the Osaka subway. Mmmmm. Parisine.

I’m cautiously optimistic about this look right now. Station numbering is definitely essential in a system this complicated, and placing the station number within the station symbol itself actually makes sense for what I’m thinking of doing with this network. Bit less sold on the train and airport symbols, though. Also, although outlining local/express service patterns this way looks great for this line, for two of the others it won’t be so simple.

Anyway, this is a thing. I’ve only had the headspace necessary to do strip maps lately, but perhaps next year that’ll change.

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3 Responses to Lagos Metro Main Line Strip Map

  1. Alon Levy says:

    In crayon I especially like geographically accurate maps, because they make it clear where the lines go and which areas are served. Schematics are useful when you’re navigating the system, or when the system has a long history so everyone knows what each station refers to, but you’re crayoning from scratch, it’s hard to tell where each line goes if it’s a schematic.

    • For me, it’s helpful to have a schematic so I can understand how the network works, not just where the lines are. For a serious (or even semi-serious) proposal, a network schematic helps clarify the geographic map, which really should be the primary map.

  2. It might be helpful to mark off the end of the locals and the beginning of the express-as-local outlying segments, or at least mark the express-as-local stops as Express.

    If it were my strip map I’d try out making the Express and Local lines separate lines. The Y would be a little messy, but it’d clarify that outer end.

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