Docklands Light Railway Strip Map

dlr strip map with official colors

Dealer plates.

The DLR hit the big three-oh recently and got a shiny new map with different shades of teal on it. It sucks. So I went and made one of my own. Notes:

  • Diamond Geezer Blogger Bloke liked that the new thing attempted to show the…interesting service pattern at West India Quay, he was frustrated that it did so rather poorly. I generally depict special unidirectional service patterns rather subtly on the station symbol itself, so hopefully this works well enough.
  • DG’s other point of contention was that the new DLR map still doesn’t show that only peak-hour trains run from Stratford all the way to Lewisham, so here’s that fixed also.
  • In what will surely be a surprise to absolutely no one, I also am one of those people who believes individual DLR services should be numbered.
  • Although Jonn Elledge made a good case for it in his CityMetric thing on the new map, I remain unconvinced that coloring the lines by destination rather than origin was a good idea. It might make sense from a certain logical/logistical standpoint but it still looks fundamentally backward to me. Nevertheless, the official color scheme is used here.
  • Are TfL’s graphic designers not paid enough to care about internal harmony on their maps or something? Is having everything line up properly thought of as some sort of bourgeois decadence? You people are better than this.
  • I threw in the Thames this time because the system is smaller, spends more time above ground, and—honestly—it’s the light rail for the Docklands. Might be useful as a landmark.

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