San Diego / Tijuana Crayon Map


What DHS and the Border Patrol did to Friendship Park was a crime, for the record.

A test run for the design language I’ll use for the LA map, which if it wasn’t obvious is basically Metro’s in-house design language by way of Steve Boland and Kriston Lewis, here forced to do things it clearly wasn’t built to do, like show routes with more than two services running on them. The San Diego Trolley extensions are sourced from Wikipedia. The Tijuana LRT Line 1 comes from the current BRT plan for the city, and the other lines are based off what I assume is/was the city’s long-term rapid transit plan. The San Diego streetcar network implied but not shown here comes from this map. Other notes:

  • TJ’s starter BRT line, which so far as I can tell is caught in development hell, really should run down literally anywhere except a freeway straddling a river.
  • Likewise, whose bright idea was it to configure the tracks at 12th & Imperial such that the only viable service options with anything resembling decent headways are north to south and north to east. Not very flexible, that.
  • Consequently, there are bits in San Diego where there are three trolley services shoved onto two tracks, which makes for some rather horrible peak headways (which, yes, I know are the current peak headways on the actual Blue Line right now, that’s not something to be proud of) and tons of underutilized track.
  • A map detailing regional/intercity services will come with the LA thing. There’s something almost The-City-and-the-City-esque about two different services for the national rail networks of two different countries running along the same physical tracks but sharing no stations between them. (I think we can also safely assume this US somehow isn’t near as paranoid about immigration if something like that can even happen in the first place.)
  • I know absolutely nothing about Tijuanans’ mental map of their city, so I have no idea if a lot of those station names would mean anything to anyone.
  • As always with crayon maps, I make no claims about how viable any of this is in real life—probably not very—and is generally more of an exercise in imagining what our cities’ transit networks would look like if we as a nation weren’t actively hostile to the concept of transit to begin with.

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