Index Diversion 2: Eboracal Metropolitan, Mk. II.I


You could probably squeeze seven or eight of these in the Tokyo map.

Here’s a crayon map of the New York subway, finally finished after lying dormant for a year and a half. Stuff featured:

  • Most of the Second System, except the Second Avenue line, omitted because…
  • The Second, Third, and Ninth Avenue Els are still in use, as are some of the Brooklyn els.
  • New Jersey Rapid Transit network, including extensions of the 7 and L westward.
  • Through-running on commuter rail services, inspired by this NY regional rail plan.
  • A more expansive SIR network, including an extension of the North Shore branch to New Jersey.
  • Extension of the N to LaGuardia (so we won’t need an AirTrain to Citifield!)
  • JFK and LGA mainline airport expresses, because why not.
  • An overstuffed Queens Boulevard line. How one squeezes eight services onto four tracks is left as an exercise for the viewer. Perhaps there are more than four tracks there in this world.
  • Peak-hour peak-direction express services wherever they could fit.
  • PATH expansions to some of the farther-afield rail terminals.
  • Triboro RX, running as the 125 St line in Manhattan.
  • That questionable 1 extension to Red Hook, because as long as we’re dreaming…

Stuff not featured:

  • The BQX. Because we do have some standards.

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