Index Diversion 1: Northern line strip map

northern line strip map.png

Second of a series, first of a different series.

A strip map of the Northern line, here split into two lines because that’s certainly something that should have been done a long time ago, Battersea extension or no. I realize that it’s just how it’s grown over its history but the Northern line has no business having two central branches. I decided to assign the Euston line the color orange because it’s what fit the most, as determined by a scientific study in the form of that London crayon map I started last year that I have no intention of finishing.

Also included are the London Suburban Metro and the series of abandoned extensions that gave the Northern line it’s name, because, hey, as long as we’re speculating we may as well go the whole hog, yeah?

Well, that was fun. Back to the index. New York map next week.


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