Tokyo Map Update 4 & Other Stuff

Thing One: Right now, the ETA for the Tokyo map is sometime in January. But something needs addressing, urgently. This, working on this right here:

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 5.50.53 PM.png

…is absolutely mind-numbing. The index will be around 2400 names long, and I’m currently 500 deep, and I can feel my brains leaking out my ears with every new entry. So once every 500 stations I’ll give my brain a stretch break and work on a small, uncomplicated map and/or polish up something I almost finished and then left to rot. On deck after 500 is a strip map of the Northern line (as chosen by the folx who voted in the Twitter poll), but since a nice one already exists, I figured I’d do something interesting with it. After 1,000 there’s a crayon map of the New York subway, an update of the one I did in 2014, that I never quite finished.

Haven’t decided what to do yet after 1,500 and 2,000. If I can’t figure something out I’ll post another Twitter poll or something.

Thing Two: Point is, expect an uncharacteristic spasm of activity here through the end of the year.

Thing Three: A to-do list for the New York map that will probably be up next week:

  • Extend the E to Queens Village.
  • Replace the font for the airport symbol, as my continuing computer troubles stole the original font from me.
  • Extend the 1 to Red Hook, and the complete reconfiguration of South Ferry and the 2/3/4/5 that necessarily implies. Wheeeeeeee. (Yes, that’s a developer’s fantasy and Red Hook will be underwater by the time any such extension would be completed. I…don’t really care.)

What could possibly go wrong?


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2 Responses to Tokyo Map Update 4 & Other Stuff

  1. I am really curious about your index-creation process, mostly because those dots are always a pain in my ass.

    • theoditsek says:

      I do it twenty lines at a time, with three text boxes: one with twenty names, one with twenty grid references, one with twenty rows of dots. The names and grid references I make more or less from scratch, but with the dots, I copy-paste the previous batch and adjust as necessary. Fewer brain cells are lost that way.

      What is it that you do?

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