Tokyo Map Update 3

Let’s be honest here, I’m writing this so there’s a post this month. Here’s what I got so far:

Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 10.06.21 PM.png

The routes are about 3/4 done. After that comes water, an index, express-local services (I do have an updated system now, thanks everyone), a grid, (maybe) prefectural borders, and icons for interchanges with the Shinkansen, limited expresses, coach terminals, and ferries. If we’re very, very lucky, the routes should be done by the end of next month and the whole thing should be done by the end of January. This…is going to be the biggest map I’ve ever done, at least 18000 x 18000 in .png form. Here’s, er, here’s hoping it uploads without any problem.

After this comes the crayon map of Los Angeles and a proper future-proofed redesign of the Barcelona Metro map, which looks great at a glance but has some pretty serious flaws and baffling design choices. I also have a request for a map of the Indianapolis bus network, but I want to see what happens with that restructure referendum before I really get started on it.


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3 Responses to Tokyo Map Update 3

  1. Richard A. says:

    I’m looking forward to the Barcelona map! Also, if you have any trouble uploading, let me know (I do support for 🙂

  2. Bernie Ng says:

    I’m really looking forward to your Tokyo map, Theo. What solution did you end up deploying for the stopping patterns (the teeny-tiny preview thumbnail doesn’t give much away 🙂 )? My 2012 version used circles of various thickness and coloured dots to show stopping patterns, but that is not possible with the 2016 version I’m working on now since the majority of train services in Greater Tokyo have been assigned a code that I want to show. I’ve gone with coloured dots that line the side of the station “box” – an idea somewhat inspired by how Sydney trams in the bygone days used to show their destination. No dot means local service only; green dot means served by a “section limited stops” or similar service; blue dot means served by “rapid” or similar; and red dot means served by “express” or similar. It is at best an approximate indicator of service level. I don’t think it looks particularly aesthetically pleasing but hey, there you go! Happy weekend. Here’s a screenshot to show you what I’m talking about:

    • theoditsek says:

      The through-service stations are now solid with white outlines, like tram stops. (Tram lines, in turn, have a white stripe running down the center now, for differentiation.) It’s great that you’re gonna show station numbers; the nature of my beast makes that solution difficult to impossible for me.

      Many, many thanks for sending me your maps, by the way. They’re impressive!

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