Tokyo Map Update

Here’s what I got so far:


I’d say I’m closing in on the halfway point and should, hopefully, have it done by some indeterminate point between late October and late January.

Anyway, in case it wasn’t obvious, this particular iteration of the Tokyo map includes a lot of projects that are in various stages of planning, mostly so I have some confidence that it’ll be good for a few decades and I won’t have to redraw it in the future. Some are under-construction or should be soon (Sotetsu through lines), some are still under planning (the two new subway lines to be built for the Olympics), some have been under planning for a long time but never seem to actually go anywhere (Metro Seven/Eight Liner), and some are pretty much dead (Kawasaki Municipal Subway), included just in case they’re resurrected. Anyway, the resources I’ve been using for this project date from 2010, so naturally they’re a little out of date.

Good news is, I found a more recent resource over on SSC. Bad news is some new ideas have, in fact, been floated since 2010 that I hadn’t anticipated (surprise, surprise). Here they are (and remember, whether they’re likely to happen doesn’t matter to me):

  • The Oedo line (E) extension to the Musashino Line (JM) has been rerouted so it connects to the Seibu Ikebukuro Line (SI) at Oizumi Gakuen. [Turns out they meant Oizumi Gakuen the neighborhood not Oizumi Gakuen the station. Duh.]
  • Through running between Tsukuba Express (TX) and the new, as-yet-unnamed subway line (D) connecting Tokyo Station with Odaiba.
  • Tama Monorail (TT; maybe split into T1 and T2 a la Chiba Monorail) extensions to Itsukaichi and Koremasa.
  • Marunouchi Line (M) extension from Honancho “westward,” whatever that means.
  • Passenger service (JB) along Shinkin freight line between Shin-Koiwa to Kanamachi.
  • Passenger service (JE) along Etchujima freight line between Etchujima and Kameido.
  • Musashino Line (JM) extension along the South Musashino freight branch between Fuchu Hommachi and Tsurumi, and thence from Tsurumi along Keihin freight line (JZ) to Haneda Airport.
  • The Omiya East-West LRT (EW) runs to Urawa Misono instead of Saitama Stadium.
  • Keihin freight line (JZ) swallows Nambu branch line (JN) to Shitte; terminus changed from Shitte to Kawasaki.
  • Through service between Tokyu Toyoko Line (TY) and Tamagawa Line (TM).

Fortunately, this map is bigger and more spacious than the last one, so I have a bit of breathing room. But that doesn’t mean an already frustrating project didn’t just get more difficult…


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