LAC[&OC]MTA K Line, In Your Dreams

lacmta k line


Inspired by CalUrbanist’s extensive & impressive work on what the LA Metro might eventually look like, here’s a really early taste of the crayon map I have brewing for Southern California. The current farthest-out plans for the Crenshaw line have it run from Hollywood to Torrance; here it’s extended from Torrance through Long Beach all the way to Anaheim, because that’s a financially justifiable endeavor, oh yes. Some station names and line colors are tentative; connections with Red & Yellow Cars not shown.

Font is Calluna Sans, because I can’t afford FF Scala Sans. Yet.

I posted this here because I’m about to start work on the redesigned Tokyo map and it looks like it’s gonna take a while, so here’s something to hold you over till that’s done.


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