Hong Kong MTR with Station Numbering

mtr with station numbering

The Inkscape standard font YuMincho is really close to the Chinese font used on the actual MTR, but interacts oddly with fonts using the Roman alphabet and doesn’t have the appropriate character for the “Kai” in Kai Tak, all of which proved massively entertaining for monolingual Anglophone yours truly.

A station numbering system for the MTR, based off the one in Singapore, which can be implemented once the West Rail and Ma On Shan Lines are joined together in 2019. Singapore’s system of individual station codes and destination numbers works best, I felt, because the MTR’s existing platform-based numbering system plus the abundance of cross-platform interchanges means there’s a greater need to differentiate between directions of service than there is with other systems.

It also did the least amount of damage to the MTR’s current wayfinding standards. Here, for instance, are some examples of strip maps that would be found within the system:

…and here’s how it would affect the MTR’s existing signage.


Short version: train symbols would only be used to point toward all trains, line names (two letters in rounded boxes because one letter in a squared-off box is for the exits) to point toward both directions of a particular line, destination number to point toward a particular direction of service. Mickey Mouse head always points toward Disneyland when not at Sunny Bay station.


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One Response to Hong Kong MTR with Station Numbering

  1. Xavier Fung says:

    Circled numbers indicate platform numbers in MTR, so they should not be used as destination indicators as of Singapore. You can see an example here:

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