San Francisco/NorCal Commuter Rail, Crayon Edition

sf bart mk 2

Better late blech.

This one was like pulling teeth, thanks primarily to a laptop and vector graphics editor that just did not want to behave, and the slow and horrifying realization that this thing wants to suggest a world beyond itself and I would therefore have to sketch several more maps to get this thing to look the way I wanted. Some of those might be fleshed out later.

Resources: this BART expansion map, the 1924 Rand McNally maps of California, the 1921 Official Guide to the Railways, this Marin County interurban map and 1937 Bay Area map from the Greater Marin, these Central Valley interurban maps, these 1932 Bay Area streetcar maps, this Peninsular Railway map and service outline, and quite a few local railway historical society websites.



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3 Responses to San Francisco/NorCal Commuter Rail, Crayon Edition

  1. There’s a reason I bit the bullet to use Illustrator, y’know.

    This is one of the better fantasy maps I’ve seen of the Bay Area – glad my 1937 map served its purpose and helped inform the results.

    I’m curious why you chose to stop the Marin and Napa/Vallejo trains at the water rather than bringing them south to SF, Oakland, or San Jose. The Golden Gate can carry trains, and a new rail bridge at the mouth of Suisun Bay shouldn’t be that tough compared to, say, a new Tube. I’m a little sad the Marin County Interurban doesn’t make an appearance either as an expansion into Novato or as a supplemental service throughout the county, but given the massive nature of the map and the problems I’ll let it slide 🙂

    Great work, man!

  2. One other thing: I love that you use nearly every single rail ROW available. You might appreciate one more resource I’ve been turning to lately, the Open Railway Map, which is just extraordinarily helpful.

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