California Regional Rail Sketch

california regional

The kids love that circuitboard aesthetic.

This is a sketch of a regional rail system for the state of California. I don’t ever expect to fully flesh it out or make it pretty so I might as well post it here as is.

I drew this for one and only one reason: I’m working on a crayon map of the SF Bay Area that’s spiraled out of control, so now it doesn’t cover just SF, but also Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Yuba City-Marysville, Stockton, Modesto, and Merced. And now, since the shown area is so big and covers metropolitan areas, I figured I’d draw a separate map showing all the different regional/intercity services. Furthermore, in the fantasyland the network depicted exists in, there’s a hierarchy to the different services not unlike what’s in (say) Germany, where you have an S-Bahn for local services in a given metropolitan area, and a statewide regional network serving places further afield. And I had no idea what exactly the regional network looked like, so I had to draw the whole thing to make sense of it.

Sources: the Rand McNally 1924 maps of Northern & Southern California, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona, and this 2013 Census Bureau map of metropolitan/micropolitan area boundaries.


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