Xrail Strip Map

xrail elizabeth line

Why are we calling it the Elizabeth Line. Why why why why why why bloody why.


Not in the right frame of mind to work on Big Maps right now, so here’s a strip map of Crossrail. Yes, it’s got fare zones. Light yellow & light orange (Paris colors) work a heckuva lot better than white & light gray (London colors); more soothing and less jarring. I’m not dignifying Zone 2/3 with its own special color if it’s only got one station in it; placing Stratford on the border gets the message across well enough.

I still maintain they should assign letters to each tube line and numbers for each Overground line. (Tradition schmadition. Some traditions are stupid. Also when they started assigning letters for each line in the Tokyo Metro no one started calling the Ginza Line “Line G.”) Elizabeth line, barf, is Line 1; Xrail 2 is Line 2 (literally the only reason we’re starting with Xrail); Thameslink is Line 3; Overground starts with 4 and goes up, ‘cept for the Romford-Upminster Line, it’s a glorified shuttle slash branch line, it gets to be Line 1a. Great for colorblind users, great for deciphering that giant orange mess, and more and more of an imperative as Tee Eff Ell swallows more and more suburban rail lines. Also, if I spelled out the names of every tube line the type would be very small indeed.

Just assume every station has street-to-train step-free access. Updated & included proper step-free access info. Sources are here and here, and are contradictory.


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