Taipei Metro & a Few Other Things

taipei metro with station numbering

Whoo boy check out them rivers.

This map only exists because I was annoyed by something. The Taipei Metro will roll out a station numbering system next year. This wouldn’t be a problem except (a) I don’t like that the lines are labeled according to color instead of number (so Daan Park, f’rinstance, is R06 instead of 206), (b) you’d think they’d have learned to account for future line extensions from the last time they tried this (BL1 isn’t the terminal station on Line 5; the next station is BL40), and (c) they’ve been really lousy about infill stations and such (the next station on the hopefully soon-to-open airport line after the one labeled A2 isn’t A3, but A2a, then A3, and this is before the system’s had a chance to embed itself in the public consciousness).

So here we are, an attempt to fix the present situation that, as tends to happen, went out of hand once I started accounting for future extensions and so forth. The way the lines converge around Taoyuan Station would probably suck for color-blind users. I would have included the TRA line right there on the map but the Sanying Line got distorted pretty bad and it would have done some serious weaving. I was considering redrawing the Taoyuan portion of the map entirely but I then had problems getting everything to line up properly. As a mea culpa, here’s a bonus rough draft of some signage.

taipei metro signage


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2 Responses to Taipei Metro & a Few Other Things

  1. – Probably Xinbeitou should be named 23A instead so the main line can naturally goes 232>233>234
    – Why would you need such a numbering system in the first place?

    • theoditsek says:

      • That does make sense, especially if that branch line has an extension in its future. Unfortunately, I’m deeply, almost fanatically unfond of letter suffixes in station numbering systems.
      • Station numbering systems are very useful for navigating metro systems in countries where you don’t speak the language. The station numbering systems in Tokyo and Osaka, for example, are the only reason I was able to navigate both metro networks without getting lost.

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