Montevideo Metro

montevideo metro

Consider yourself lucky I’m not inflicting my awful Spanish on you.

Here’s the other fictional metro system I drew when my computer was in the Apple Store; and its paper origins might go a long way to explaining how it looks the way it looks.

This, I will readily admit, is not what one would call a good map. It’s my first foray in a long time into something other than strict octolinearity, the effect of which is that nothing lines up right and the routes go in all different directions (which, to be fair, is more or less how the major arteries in the Uruguayan capital actually are). The weird kinks in lines C and G are especially inexcusable. But it’s the first like Full Map I’ve done with station numbers in it, so there’s that. I’m also trying a little something different with all the park/airport/bus icons and such.

Route letters, route colors, general map design snafu’d from the Buenos Aires Metro map.


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