A Slightly Different Berlin U-Bahn Map

u-bahn 66

Line EII still looks lonely.

A very spartan quick thing done after finishing the biggest part of a different map. This sucker comes to us from a universe where the Berlin U-Bahn never switched out route letters (AI, AII, BI, &c.) for numbers (1, 2, 3, &c.) in 1966. I drew this because I had a very hard time making sense of the old service patterns and what translated to what (especially with what would become lines U1 through U4), so I was hoping something done in a more modern style would help out a bit.

The S-Bahn isn’t featured on this map because (a) I was focusing on a specific aspect of the U-Bahn at a particular point in its history, and (b) I was lazy. This website, especially the track map and the very large historical map archive, was very helpful.


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