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Montevideo Metro

Here’s the other fictional metro system I drew when my computer was in the Apple Store; and its paper origins might go a long way to explaining how it looks the way it looks. This, I will readily admit, is … Continue reading

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Diagrammatic 1913 Tube Map

I hate drawing tube maps. I try to give each map I draw a certain aesthetic which I believe matches its subject’s in some way. Sometimes it works (I still consider those old Koana Islands maps among my best work … Continue reading

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Paris Metro, v. 1.something

Oh God, what have I done, I drew a thing. Stuff I’m happy with:

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A Slightly Different Berlin U-Bahn Map

A very spartan quick thing done after finishing the biggest part of a different map. This sucker comes to us from a universe where the Berlin U-Bahn never switched out route letters (AI, AII, BI, &c.) for numbers (1, 2, … Continue reading

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