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A Riff on a Restoration

This is an octolinear version of Cameron Booth’s restoration of a 1956 map of the Paris Metro, inspired partially by… this tweet speculating that part of the reason the Paris Metro official map is so, er, bendy is that the … Continue reading

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Hiroden Map

First serious attempt at a Russian/Ukrainian-style transit map, this one for the relatively substantial Hiroshima streetcar network. Wanted to test it out on a mid-size, easy-to-draw system to see what works and what doesn’t before I tried this style on … Continue reading

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New map of stale idea. Doubt it’ll happen anytime soon. Thoughts to everyone in Paris.

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RER C Strip Map with Station Numbering

Max Roberts is perhaps unique amongst transit map people in that he does not like the Paris Metro map. Like someone glued a bunch of popsicle sticks together, he describes it.* What’s interesting is he also says that, thanks to … Continue reading

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