Eboracal Metropolitan, Mk. II

Thinking about updating that fantasy New York subway map from last November.

Here’s what I wanna do:

  • Incorporate that plan for a NJ Rapid Transit network, as depicted here and here. [done]
  • Extend the map westward to show extensions of the 7 and L to New Jersey. [done]
  • Show through-running for commuter rail, using this as a foundation. [done]
  • Turn the A branch between the E 180 St A station and the 179 St F station into a shuttle. [done]
  • Get rid of the Sixth Avenue El (mostly redundant thanks to 1/2/3 from Lower Manhattan to UWS, and at no point did it coexist with the Sixth Avenue Subway anyway). The 13 can be a new line that takes over the Second System 7 branch to Whitestone and shares track with the 7 till Hell’s Kitchen, at which point it branches off to Hudson Yards and possibly points south via the High Line. The 16 would be rebranded as the 14. [done]
  • Extend the U and X lines from Brooklyn Army Terminal to Staten Island. [done]
  • Include Staten Island Railway; extend terminal from St George to Manhattan. [done]

Idle thoughts for a small weekend project. [Which “small weekend project” turned out to be substantially less small and less weekend than I thought it would be. I’m three maps in to what will either be a five- or six-map ~*~*adventure.*~*~]


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2 Responses to Eboracal Metropolitan, Mk. II

  1. Jet Dawg says:

    Just curious but did you ever update this map. The original was quite a masterpiece; i’d love an update.

    • theoditsek says:

      I have! I also drew a weekend and late-night version. It’s the latter that’s holding everything up right now; it’s got a number of issues that still need resolving.

      I’m hesitant to say when all three will be posted, as it depends on (a) if I’m inclined to work on those maps specifically, and (b) I have a free weekend to do it. Right now the best ETA is probably sometime in August, but don’t hold me to do that.

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