To Do List: Summer Edition

  • DC fantasy commuter rail, companion to Baltimore & DC Metro maps [I wanna finish this because if I ever get a store up and running…]
  • Night tube map featuring Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly, & Victoria lines. Test run for…
  • Fantasy London/SE England railway map, including Crossrail 2, long-dead victims of the Beeching Axe, Metropolitan Line to Brill, &c.
  • Denver Light Rail map [Had a false start last time. Didn’t have one this time. Saving this for when my brain is fried.]
  • Nagoya rail map
  • Tokyo fantasy rail map
  • Pearl River Delta ferry map

About theoditsek

I like going places.
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2 Responses to To Do List: Summer Edition

  1. Luke Bonnet says:

    Are you still working on the ferry map of the Pearl River Delta? That would be so interesting!

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