To Do List: Cherry Blossom Edition

It’s very pretty out. It’s also very cold.

  • Finish Chicago L map (describe skip-stop services & commuter rail lines) [Almost finished!]
  • Companion maps for Baltimore Metro: Washington Metro & DC-MD-VA commuter rail, both in the same style [DC Metro map is done! TheGreaterMarin guy is doing a map of Baltimore-Washington commuter rail services ca. 1921 so now I won’t have to! Give money to his Kickstarter! I’ll wait for a while to start the commuter rail map so it doesn’t seem like I’m ripping him off; I fear they will look very similar.]
  • Redraw Philadelphia subway map based on 1913 expansion plans. (Routes are already drawn on Google Earth) [Not started yet. Had a false start the first time.]
  • Finish isometric PATH map (needs legend and connections) [Done!]
  • Vancouver SkyTrain and commuter rail map. Try a combination of styles used for Seoul and Baltimore maps. [Backburnered after a few false starts.]
  • Adjust Tokyo map. Switch out font for something more readable & delineate interchange stations better. [Gonna be a full redesign. Too many curves and jags in the old one. Still undecided on a font.]
  • Alon Levy’s Tel Aviv rail map. [I forgot I wanted to do this. Whoops.]
  • Hong Kong & Shenzhen 2030 map, in the style of the Seoul map. [Done!]
  • Fantasy London/SE England railway map, including Crossrail 2, long-dead victims of the Beeching Axe, Metropolitan Line to Brill, &c. [Waiting for map redesign at the end of May, when the Overground swallows up a few more routes. I know which font I’m going to use now!]
  • Osaka/Kobe/Kyoto rail map. [Current project, 2/3 finished. Posted a few WIP pictures over on Twitter. It’s coming along nicely. The design language I’m using for the Osaka map is a test run for the one I’ll use on the Tokyo map, to see what works & what doesn’t.]

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