South Florida Rapid Transit Vision

*muffled EDM playing in the distance*

*muffled EDM playing in the distance*

I’m working on a huge thing that’s giving me a headache so I drew this to unwind and it sorta spiraled out of control from there.

A serious long-term project of mine is a national passenger rail map of North America. No, not the pathetic excuse of a network we have now, the one we ought to have, incorporating freight-only lines, old named trains, lines that have long since become parks & bike paths, high speed corridors proposed in the late oughts, and so forth. This map partially exists to document a hypothetical way of sorting suburban/regional/intercity services, similar to how it works in France and Germany, except the network is divided by metro area instead of by state. Once things advance far enough those gray “RE” trains will be numbered.

I decided to draw South Florida because I wanted to do a Miami map for a while (the Metrorail map is based off this [then] planned extensions map from so long ago). Then while I was drawing it I thought, hey, wouldn’t it be nice if the two major cruise ship terminals got the same treatment transport-wise as, say, major international airports? With rail links and people movers and so forth? And then I noticed, wow, the West Palm Beach bullet train station is really close to an airport of not insignificant size. And that’s how Fort Lauderdale and WPB got people movers in this universe. I don’t know if either of them would be a worthwhile investment in the real world (hint: probably not—I have no idea how much traffic those corridors get, I just wanted something that’d give a one-seat ride from Big Place A to Big Place B) but since South Florida will be underwater in a couple decades I suspect the question is moot.

Also Dmitry Goloub’s Cittadino Symbols transit map icon wingding font is the greatest thing since sliced cheese.


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