Tokyo Airport Rail Map, Mk. II

Quickly, please, Johnson!

Quickly, please, Johnson!

This is me experimenting with fonts, in preparation for, er, renovating the Tokyo map. Before I do anything else I just want to make sure the font plays well with the design choices I’m using, so I’m testing it out on the airport map first before I dive in. This font here is called Play, and I was going for that sort of squared-off look I see in a lot of English rail signage in Japan. I’m not sure how well it works.

If I can’t find anything I like I may default to Source Sans Pro but I use that font a fair amount already so I kinda don’t want to. (I currently don’t have Frutiger, Univers, Myriad, Segoe UI, or FF Meta on my computer for some inexplicable reason.)

On the upside I nailed down what I want the new line bullets to look like.

(Also this is neither here nor there but ambling around Google Maps I found a single track connecting JR East and Tobu Railway tracks just north of (but, apparently, bypassing) Kurihashi Station. So that’s where that seasonal branch to Nikko comes from.)


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