To-Do List: Tokyo Rail Map Update

For when the Ueno-Tokyo Line opens in March:

  • New font—sans serif, easier to read, with bold
  • Dedicated interchange markers
  • Remove Narita Express (NX), place in its own box
  • Maybe include Koumi Line (49) to Nobeyama Station and Shinonoi Line (50, or possibly 10 extension) to Matsumoto Station.
  • Indicate through service between Ito Line (34) and Izu Kyuko Line (IQ)
  • Separate Tobu Kinugawa Line (TW/YA/AZ) from Tobu Nikko Line (TN); more accurately delineate TN/TW trunk line services.
  • Through line services (Based off a long slog through this timetable.)
    • Utsunomiya Line (17) from Kuroiso to Atami
    • Tokaido Line (1) from Numazu to Utsunomiya & Takasaki
    • Takasaki Line (18) from Atami to Maebashi
    • Ito Line (34) from Ito to Utsunomiya & Takasaki
    • Joban Line (21/22) to Shinagawa
  • Clean up some more

Include the following extensions

  • Toei Asakusa Line (A) bypass through Tokyo Station
  • Toei Oedo Line (E) to Niiza
  • Sotetsu Railway (SO) to Hiratsuka, through services to Toyoko (TY) and Meguro Lines (MG)
  • Tokyo Monorail (35) extension to Tokyo Station
  • Saitama Railway (SR) extension to Hasuda
  • Odakyu Tama Line (OT) to Sagamihara
  • Tama Monorail (TT) to Hakonegasaki
  • Utsunomiya Light Rail (UL)
  • Haneda Access line from Shinjuku Station (J), Tokyo Station (38), and Shin-Kiba Station (D)
  • Kamakama Line (KQ)
  • Keiyo Line (29/30) extension to Takao
  • Saitama-Gunma LRT (GS)
  • Shibayama Line (SR) to Shibayama Chuo
  • Yurikamome (U) to Kachidoki
  • Tsukuba Express (TX) to Tokyo Station
  • Yokohama Subway Green Line (R) from Hiyoshi to Tsurumi, and from Nakayama to Motomachi-Chukagai (and associated through service to MM/TY/F)
  • Yokohama Subway Blue Line (B) to Shin-Yurigaoka

…and the following dead/stale proposals that may or may not or will not get built, because otherwise (a) it will gnaw at me, and (b) I will have approximately zero confidence that it would be the last transit map Tokyo will have to build from scratch:

  • Kawasaki Municipal Subway (K)
  • Saitama-Omiya LRT (EW)
  • Yurakucho Line (Y) extension to Bando City
  • Tama Monorail (TT) extension to Machida and Hachioji
  • Chiba Monorail (C1) extension to Shiritsu Aoba Byoin-Mae
  • Chuo-Sobu Line (12) extension to Tachikawa
  • Extend Nambu Line (7) from Kawasaki to Hama-Kawasaki, replacing Nambu Branch Line (7a)
  • Keihin Bypass Line (39)
  • Keikyu Line (KK) extension to Aburatsubo
  • Keio Sagamihara Line (KO) extension to Tsukui Lake
  • Keisei Chihara Line (KC) extension to Amaariki
  • Makuhari New Transit (MT)
  • Seibu Ahina Line (SN)
  • Through running bet. Tozai Line (T) & Seibu Shinjuku Line (SS)
  • Shibayama Line (SR) extension to Hasunuma
  • Extend Rinkai Line (D/W) to Tsudanuma
  • Ikebukuro-Takenotsuka Line (IT)
  • Shinjuku Line (S) extension to Shin-Kamagaya
  • Hanzomon Line (Z) extension to Yotsugi & Matsudo
  • Metro Seven and Eight Liner (M7 & 8L)
  • Toyo Rapid (TR) extension to Yotsukaido

quashlo has a map of all these extensions dating from around 2010. It’s nice.


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