To Do List: Malfunctioning Computer Edition

My MacBook is in the Apple Store for a few days and is currently in the process of being disemboweled (keyboard’s broke). This, naturally, gives me time to think about where my priorities are this time.

  • Finish Chicago L map (describe skip-stop services & commuter rail lines)
  • Companion maps for Baltimore Metro: Washington Metro & DC-MD-VA commuter rail, both in the same style
  • Redraw Philadelphia subway map based on 1913 expansion plans. (Routes are already drawn on Google Earth)
  • Finish isometric PATH map (needs legend and connections)
  • Vancouver SkyTrain and commuter rail map. Try a combination of styles used for Seoul and Baltimore maps.
  • Adjust Tokyo map. Switch out font for something more readable & delineate interchange stations better.
  • Alon Levy’s Tel Aviv rail map.
  • Hong Kong & Shenzhen 2030 map, in the style of the Seoul map.

What’s really great about getting a Behance account is I’m pushing myself toward developing a style that is (a) good and (b) recognizably my own and not a blatant ripoff of someone else’s.


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