Eboracal Metropolitan

A missive from a better world.

A missive from a better world.

Here’s a map of the New York Subway. I took the Vignelli Weekender map and added a few things. Like the old Manhattan and Brooklyn Els. And most of the IND Second System (mishmash of 1929 & 1939 proposals; service patterns from here). And Hong Kong-esque Airport Express trains to JFK and LaGuardia. And the 7 extension to Hudson Yards. And the Triboro RX. And a few other goodies. This is partially Vanshnook’s fault.

Working on an isometric companion PATH map. That’ll be up soonish. Maybe.


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One Response to Eboracal Metropolitan

  1. Andrew says:

    Your G line has two different 65 St’s (one next to Jackson Heights / Roosevelt Av, and the other next to 60 St / Fort Hamilton Pkwy.

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