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An Interesting Failure, Mk. II

The title’s just for continuity. I think this one’s a lot better. Design language deliberately based off—and is a companion to—the Baltimore Metro map.

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PATH Isometric

That took too long to finish. But it is done. I may, as always, play around with it a little more later. Right now, I’m just glad it’s out of my head.

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To Do List: Malfunctioning Computer Edition

My MacBook is in the Apple Store for a few days and is currently in the process of being disemboweled (keyboard’s broke). This, naturally, gives me time to think about where my priorities are this time. Finish Chicago L map … Continue reading

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Easter Egg

This is a map of the Philadelphia subway I did as part of a bigger thing a year or so ago that will never be published b/c everything self-destructed all at once. This happens from time to time. Anyway, I … Continue reading

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I Got A Behance Account

It’s right here. I’ll be posting some older stuff and some newer stuff over there. Big maps will still go on WordPress.

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Eboracal Metropolitan

Here’s a map of the New York Subway. I took the Vignelli Weekender map and added a few things. Like the old Manhattan and Brooklyn Els. And most of the IND Second System (mishmash of 1929 & 1939 proposals; service … Continue reading

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