PATH in a Perfect World

Okay, not perfect. This world still has capitalism.

Okay, not perfect. This world still has capitalism.

This is probably this idea’s third iteration, developed after much frustration & caffeine headaches. If the Port Authority attempted to build this today it’d probably cost about a trillion bucks (they apparently burn most of the money they receive over there).

The line between LIC & Jamaica runs along the old Lower Montauk Branch. The line between Grand Central and 135 St runs under Madison Avenue.

If you know a thing or two about NYC Subway history you know what I’m talking about when I say this comes from a “perfect world”…


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3 Responses to PATH in a Perfect World

  1. It would help if you map a map just of the PATH extensions and not included your fantasy MTA routes which a) clutter the map and b) are very confusing when there is no explanation. Also why would you just extend the PATH through Manhattan where there is existing parallel service and not into new areas of NJ?

    • theoditsek says:

      To be honest, I’m not sure what 2014!me was thinking, either.

    • theoditsek says:

      Okay, that last comment was a cop-out. What I had in mind was a way to link all the stub-end terminals that existed (past tense) around Manhattan, similar to what the existing PATH system was for the terminals in New Jersey. The lack of further service deeper into NJ is simply a failure of imagination.

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