The Best Transit Maps

Inspirations & admirations. Links either go to the official page, the page of the designer, or its entry on the Transit Maps tumblr (a veritable transit map design museum).


  • The Berlin U- and S-Bahn map (click on the “Route Map” bullet).
  • Project Mapping’s diagram of the exceptionally labyrinthine London and SE England commuter rail network. (Interestingly, although I have nothing but respect for Beck’s contribution to the transit map, er, universe, I’ve never been a super-huge fan of the tube map itself. Probably because TfL has mangled it beyond recognition.)
  • This bus and tram map of Leipzig is a gorgeous exercise is communicating the greatest amount of information in the simplest, most efficient way possible.
  • The Los Angeles Metrorail map (with U/C or commuter routes).
  • The Montreal Metro map. (No, not the one on the official website. This one.)
  • Art Lebedev’s Moscow Metro map.
  • The Vignelli Weekender map and Super Bowl transport map for New York City.
  • The Paris RER/Transilien network map. I am a sucker for enormous, ultra-comprehensive maps.



  • Cameron Booth regularly spins straw into gold. Here’s his Boston ‘T’ map and Portland MAX/streetcar map.
  • Michael Tyznik’s Columbus light rail map.
  • H4vok_13’s map of the TRAX system in Salt Lake City.
  • Jug Cerovic and ZEROPERZERO are both responsible for some incredible maps of Seoul.
  • Brent Palmer is responsible for the best AU/NZ transit maps around. Unfortunately, his visible portfolio could also be best described as “turbulent.” Here’s an older frequent transit map of Wellington that I think represents him at his best.


  • Hammink Design’s circular map of the Amsterdam Metro and tram network.
  • Also in Amsterdam, Dave Kramer’s map of the Randstad regional rail network.
  • Speaking of Harry Beck, his proposed redesign of the Paris Metro map is fascinating, in a scenes-from-an-alternate-universe sort of way.
  • ZEROPERZERO’s map of the Tokyo subway is the only one around that articulates a fundamental truth about the city’s rail network and is for that reason the best one ever made.

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