Seoul Metropolitan Subway

There we go.

There we go.

The current Seoul Subway maps (there are several) are terrible, and I didn’t think the design language (i.e. signage) used in the stations would lend itself to something that looks good, so this thing was built from scratch.

I realized I liked the design language I used for this thing enough that I wanted to use it again. Probably not as successful (too much white space) but it ain’t bad, neither.

This was supposed to be as future-proofed as possible but I had a hard time finding complete information–in English–about what the Seoul transport people wanted to build by 2020. F’rinstance, I don’t know if the Gimpo subway line’s supposed to have seven, eight, or ten stations, nor do I know what their names are. Also it sounds like they’re planning on building like ten LRT lines by the end of this decade, only one or two of which were drawn on this map. So it probably won’t be accurate by the time 2020 actually rolls around. On the other hand, this is the only map I’m aware of which actually shows the two DMZ trains.

Other good Seoul maps: Jug Cerovic’s (I may not be fond of his standardization project but his Seoul map is excellent) and (once again) ZEROPERZERO’s.


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