A Fictional Map for a Fictional City

Not mine.

Not mine.

This is a fanwork. Just thought I’d state this outright.

Round one, done in fits & starts over the past two months. Some corners need to be rounded and the labels still need to be aligned properly. But it’s okay if you don’t look too hard.

This is a map of the subway system in Megopolis, the largest city in the Koana Islands, Ian Silva’s very, very impressive (and incredibly detailed) worldbuilding project. Go take a look & come back here.

There was apparently a subway map for this city once upon a time, but the all-knowing, all-remembering Internet apparently misplaced the high-res version, so I made one of my own. I had to guess on the names of the Kola (I1, I2) and Johann (G) stations.

I’m almost done with a companion map for the Megopolis suburban rail system; once it’s posted all those numbers in the colored boxes should start to make a little more sense.


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2 Responses to A Fictional Map for a Fictional City

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  2. Ian Silva says:

    Hey buddy, I have just discovered your maps and would *love* to showcase them on my new WIP website that is going to be a wiki about all three nations of mine (Koana Islands, Gunsovolk and Ianoia), do you think you could get in touch with me using the email below?

    Love your work, mate,


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