Hello March

More notes, since that’s all I have time for lately:

  • I recently finished an alternate-history map of the British Isles that posits what would have happened if the Norman Invasion just went a little bit wrong. (Long story short: a fracturing & subsequent loose coalition a la the Holy Roman Empire.) I rather like it. Only reason I haven’t put it up here is it’s huge. Like, 12 000 x 20 000 huge. I’m saying it pretty much only works as an SVG, which is a shame.
  • CountryLink map is half-finished, and has been half-finished for about a month now. I had a life dropped on me at the last second, what can I say.
  • The Dublin Luas map is terrible. I might take a crack at it soon-ish.

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I like going places.
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1 Response to Hello March

  1. Alon Levy says:

    I know I’m necroing, but, have you seen this alt history? Not much of a map, but a detailed description of English without the Norman invasion.

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