First Post 2013: Two Quick Notes

  • Had the opportunity recently to plow through the TfNSW Long-Term Masterplan. Sounds pretty good. Hopefully we’ll have the political will to finally deliver something large-scale. (Absent that, however, I’d settle for the SW & NWRL and the CBD trams.)
  • Re: the splitting of RailCorp into Sydney Trains (CityRail suburban) and NSW Trains (CityRail Intercity & CountryLink), my thoughts on it come from I guess the mapping angle. Cameron Booth looked at the current CityRail map some time ago and said that one of its flaws was how it had to show all of the services and was rather cluttered as a result. (I ran into this problem when I tried to redesign it and the resulting map turned out to be really, really big.) Maybe this could be an opportunity to throw together like a Sydney/NSW Trains app that has different, I don’t know, “levels.” Like, you zoom in to the suburban/metro or tram network and zoom out to the intercity or statewide network. That way your maps could have room to breathe but aren’t, like, huge.

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