Sydney Trams Update

Striking a blow for comprehensitivity.

Had some unexpected downtime recently, so I took about two hours on Inkscape and dashed off this schematic of hypothetical tram routes on the Sydney CBD (which looks like it’ll be its own map, given the complexity we’re looking at here). On the plan I’m working on, the CBD will have twenty routes going to, from, and round it, and having ’em all run up like George Street is simply not feasible. (With this sort of density, we’d already be seeing local/express tracks servicing twelve routes on Parramatta Rd, so let’s not stretch our suspension of disbelief further. Speaking of George Street, I note eleven routes between World Square and Town Hall. A redistribution may be in order.)

And, no, I haven’t taken an in-depth look at the Transport for NSW proposal. Is that whole thing still going on?


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