What I’m Doing With My Summer

Dear God in heaven, what have I done?

I made a new thing. The official CityRail map is dense and cluttered and this is my valiant attempt at unclogging it. I’m not sure how well this works at anything but enormous poster size. WordPress even flat refuses to thumbnail it, it’s that big. Which probably explains whythe official map is dense and cluttered.

It’s a companion piece to the last map, so naturally it shows CityRail’s grand vision for their system, including the second harbour crossing, and extensions to Leppington and Rouse Hill. I’ll eat my hat if it’s ever actually built out like this.

What else. The map can be edited pretty easily (I hope) so it reflects the system as it is now. I was very obviously spitballing w/r/t the stuff that isn’t nailed down yet, like Rouse Hill extension accessibility. Also, the way intercity and regional lines are colored, Vignelli-style dots make more sense than tick marks, I’m sorry.

Anyway, big version is here. Enjoy.


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