I Made Something on Inkscape

Yes, this exists now. Because I’m kind of mad at how (a) the Eastern Suburbs has no rail services whatsoever, (b) Balmain and Drummoyne have no rail services whatsoever, (c) the monorail, because of how it was built, was destined to be a ridiculously expensive novelty tourist thing instead of something that could actually be useful, and (d) Metro Transport, CityRail, and Transport NSW’s ineffectual dithering over infrastructure in general.

This is how the network would have looked by 2030, if (a) they took the monorail seriously and made the loop double-tracked easy to extend and generally not useless, (b) there wasn’t so much humming and hawwing over extending the light rail to Dulwich Hill and they just did it already, and (c) they noticed that the Anzac Parade is perfect for a light rail extension. For the light rail, I took the current extension studies and ran with ’em. The monorail just went where the light rail didn’t. I’d be the happiest man alive if the light rail ever gets this extensive.

The light-gray “metro” refers to the current (unlikely) plan to turn the Bankstown Line into a rapid transit service. Incidentally, next up on the awful map parade: CityRail. Be afraid.


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