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Bread and Circuses

Later on in deconstructing Saturday (spoiler alert!), I’ll be using “Look at those iPods!” as a chorus for how the book marvels over things like innovation in science and technology whilst ignoring or minimizing stuff like institutionalized disenfranchisement of the … Continue reading

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Saturday: The Suck Begins (p. 57-64)

This is, as we will soon discover, the section with the Iraqi torture victim. But first, a word about description. As a teenager, I spent far too much time on (the late, lamented) Anti-shur’tugal, a website devoted to picking apart … Continue reading

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I found ’em! I found ’em! The Australia/Japan travelogues are in my possession again! Along with some other stuff! *rejoices* New Saturday tomorrow. The Australia travelogue will be updated on a delay similar to what they do when Twitterifying Pepys’ … Continue reading

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AKA Codswallop

Yes, white “rationalists,” tell me more about your Enlightenment values: In a recent BBC report on homosexual Muslims in the UK, one interviewee described an experience she had at a gay pride rally. She says, “There was an occasion at … Continue reading

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I Made Something on Inkscape

Yes, this exists now. Because I’m kind of mad at how (a) the Eastern Suburbs has no rail services whatsoever, (b) Balmain and Drummoyne have no rail services whatsoever, (c) the monorail, because of how it was built, was destined … Continue reading

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